Adult urns. Child and baby urns. Urn sizes.

Many customers ask us about the size of human urns. Should the commemorative urn be small, medium or large depending on the person for whom it is intended: an adult or a child (infant / baby)? Responding to this need, we have concentrated our efforts on one universal dimension of sufficient volume for the majority of people in the world: 3.5 liters or 230 cubic inches for each prime urn.

A solution to the urn price dilemma: expensive urns or cheap urns, affordable urns

Wishing to honor the memory of a deceased person with dignity, many customers also question the price: isn’t the urn too cheap? is the urn expensive enough? We are convinced that due to the growing range of models we are able to combine the highest expectations with prime quality. This makes Noble Urns affordable for all our clients and suitable for any taste.