Unique, decorative, custom urns for human remains. Special and personalized urns. We sale online unique, decorative, custom urns for precious human remains. We offer selected, fine and original urns like vase, jar, box, chest, case or cup inspired by ancient, roman, medieval and modern art. Nature is also source of our creativity. Drawing inspiration from ocean’s life we created seashell urns. Special and personalized urns are our philosophy. Therefore thanks to our technology we are able to generate an impression of various textures like bronze, brass, glass, metal, steel, stone, marble, ceramic – pottery or wood. Our costumers expect not only top and class materials but also want colorful urns, which is why we use a whole range of colors to create cremation keepsakes: pink, rose, blue, purple, yellow, white, black, red, orange and many others. If you are looking for an unusual urn, beautiful urn, engraved urn, style urn or fancy urn, our memorials for ashes are the perfect choice.

We ship throughout Europe,Canada,United States, Asia, South America and Australia. Please contact your local funeral home to make a purchase. However, should your funeral director have other contractual obligations, then contact us to make arrangements to receive the urn or keepsake directly.